Touch-N-Go Productions is dedicated to bringing entertainment to the student body of Embry-Riddle through both Touch-N-Go events and those sponsored by members of our community.  We are proud to offer co-sponsorship opportunities with Student Organizations and Departments on campus.  A co-sponsorship can come in the form of event programming, technical crew support, or selective financial support.

If you are interested in co-sponsoring an event with Touch-N-Go, that's great!  Check out the steps below to get started.  Co-sponsorship requests must be submitted to Touch-N-Go at least 4 weeks prior to the event.  This will allow for ample time in planning, production, and marketing.


Select a Date & Location

Choosing a date that works for your organization and Touch-N-Go is the first step.  Please check out our event calendar and SchedulER to ensure that we are able to provide support in the venue that you prefer.  Touch-N-Go and Student Engagement try to keep both calendars up-to-date, but new events are constantly being added.  Once you have decided on a date and have chosen the location, book it!  Organizations that have reserved the space in SchedulER will be given priority over organizations who do not.

Contact Us

The next step is to request our services.  Co-sponsorship requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.  Please fill out this form.  It will serve as a contract between the two organizations.

We also require the representative from your organization to attend our Executive Board meeting the week of your event to finalize logistics and to answer any last minute questions. Our meetings take place on Tuesdays at 5:00pm in the Endeavour Conference Room.

The Script

Next, start preparing a script for your event.  We require a script be submitted to the Productions Manager and Chairperson 2 weeks prior to the event by 5:00pm.  Check out this sample script to use as a guide.  Please make sure to include the following:

  • Staging
    • Placement of props, set pieces, chairs, etc.
  • Lighting Needs and Cues
    • General brightness, colors, strobes, special effects, spotlight, etc.
  • Look
    • What look are you going for?
  • Microphones
    • How many?
    • Who needs them?
    • What will they be used for? (talking, singing, beat boxing)
  • Music Cues
    • Please label the music files on the script as they will be turned in.
  • Point of Contact for the Day of the Show
    • We need to have a contact from your organization to call the shots on show day.  This person must know the show and be able to answer any questions asked by our staff.
Music Files

All music files must be submitted to the Sound Engineer one week prior to the event by 5:00pm.  No exceptions will be made.  Any music files not submitted on time will not be played during the show.  All music files must be high quality and in mp3 format.  All files must be clean and free of profanity.  If help is needed stitching different music files together, please reach out to our Sound Engineer or WIKD.  Both organizations have music editing software and will be able to provide assistance.


Once the event space is reserved, make sure to request all necessary resources and requirements.  Below are a list of recommendations for resources.

Touch-N-Go Resources

  • DB-TNG-Sound Equipment
  • DB-TNG-Stage Pieces
  • Additional TNG resources will be added to your event by the Chairperson

Facilities Resources

  • DB-FAC-Cafeteria Reset
  • DB-FAC-Restroom Prep
  • DB-FAC-Temperature Adjustment

SESU Resources

  • DB-SU-5' Round Table
  • DB-SU-6' Rectangular Table
  • DB-SU-Folding Chair

Additional Resources

  • DB-IT-Support
    • All projection screen requests must be made with IT events.
Stage Rules

While Touch-N-Go will do everything in our power to make your event a success, we have a few non-negotiable rules that we require your participants to follow.  These rules have been created to protect our equipment and most importantly to make sure everyone is safe.  All stage participants will be required to sign a university activity release form before stepping on the stage.

  • NO glitter, water, or confetti is permitted on stage
  • NO large, heavy props
    • Anything that could scratch or damage the stage
  • NO food or drinks allowed on stage
  • Please do not touch any equipment on stage
  • The only way on and off the stage is via the stairs
  • All props must be approved by the Productions Manager prior to the show
  • NO requests regarding music changes, logistics, or stage props will be considered or granted on the day of the show.

The number of participants allowed on the stage at the end of the event for group photos will be limited.  The stage has a maximum weight limit that cannot be exceeded.


Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities for getting ready for your event is to practice!  The best shows are rehearsed.  It is very apparent which groups have and which groups have not.  You should know how long the show will take, which portions are too long or monotonous, etc.