Vice Chairperson

Vice Chairperson – Benjamin Caples

My name is Ben Caples, and I am the Vice Chairperson of Touch-N-Go Productions. As Vice Chairperson, I am responsible for all of the member relations within Touch-N-Go. This includes everything from keeping track of how many hours each member spends at our events to planning our semesterly incentive. I am a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Space Studies. I have been fascinated with space travel for much of my life and cannot wait to some day work in that field. Besides Touch-N-Go, I enjoy playing piano and reading. I am originally from a small rural town called Hampstead, Maryland, which is about an hour northwest of Baltimore. Coming to Daytona Beach was definitely a huge change for me, but I have really enjoyed it and really like living here. I love Embry-Riddle and have had, and continue to have, an amazing time learning more about my passions. Touch-N-Go Productions has helped me immensely in my transition and has truly given me a family that is here through everything.


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